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I am reaching out to you to see if you would like to participate in 2020 National Honeybee Survey, which has been funded through the
USDA in partnership with the University of Maryland (UMD)  Bee Informed Partnership (BIP). This project is the most comprehensive honey
bee pest and health survey, and provides the incidence and distribution of diseases and pest loads in the U.S.

This survey examines colonies for common pests and disease. Samples will be taken at the apiary, preserved and then forwarded to be
inspected using visual and/ or microscopic analysis at UMD for the following:

•        Tropilaelaps
•        A. cerana
•        Varroa
•        Nosema spp.
•        Lake Sinai virus-2 (LSV-2)
•        Acute bee paralysis virus (ABPV)
•        Chronic bee paralysis virus (CBPV)
•        Deformed wing virus-A (DWV-A)
•        Deformed wing virus-B (formerly known as Varroa destructor virus) (DWV-B)
•        Kashmir bee virus (KBV)
•        Israelí acute paralysis virus (IAPV)
•        Moku Virus (MV)
•        Nosema ceranae

Sampling for pesticide data is also being performed on hives that are participating in the longitudinal sampling portion of the survey. That
compiled historical data can be provided upon request, and has been and will be presented at bee seminars around the state. Right now
all of the available slots for longitudinal sampling have been filled; however, I will contact keepers based on region and order of reply if slots
become available.

Please note:  The a comprehensive report will be provided to all participants at no cost.

In order to qualify,  USDA requires 8-10 colonies to participate, however, if we are unable to obtain the adequate number of participants,
there may be an allowance for  5-7 colonies to participate.

The sampling this year will be done between June and August. Below you will find information on the available sampling dates, make sure
to look under the right region; you can choose one day to participate. Please notify if you want to participate but none of the provided
dates work.

•             6/2/2020 -  All day
•             7/13/2020 – All day
•             8/25/2020 – All day
South Central & Talkeetna
•             6/11/2020 – All day
•             7/21/2020 – All day
•             7/22/2020 – All day
Kenai Peninsula
•             6/4/2020 -  All day
•             7/20/20202 – All day
•             8/20/2020 – All day
•             TBD
•             TBD

Please note: If you know other keepers who may be interested, please tell them about the survey!

If you have any questions please call or email me any time! (contact info below)

Thank you for your time!

Christopher H. Secary
Alaska State Survey Coordinator
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
AG | Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Program
OFFICE 907.761.3858 | ALTERNATE: 907.745.8724
1801 S. MARGARET DR. #12 | PALMER, AK 99645

2020 Alaska Honeybee Survey