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Municipality of Anchorage Regulations for Keeping Bees

(January 28, 2014 Page 5-110)  PDF file

3. Beekeeping

a. Definition
Keeping honey bees, Apis mellifera, for the purpose of education and/or producing
honey or other products related to bees.

b. Use-Specific Standards

Colonies of Apis mellifera shall be managed in such a manner that their flight path to
and from the hive will not bring them into contact with people on adjacent property.
To accomplish this, colonies shall be:  

(A) At least 25 feet from any lot line not in common ownership; or

(B) Oriented with entrances facing away from adjacent property; or

(C) Placed behind a fence at least six feet in height and extending at least ten feet
beyond the hive in all directions.

ii. No more than four hives shall be placed on lots smaller than 10,000 square feet.
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