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Beginning Beekeeping Class
(Two Part Class)  
Instructor: Steve Victors

1st day: Saturday, March 9th
From noon until 5:30
(registration starting at 11:30)
2nd day: Saturday March 16th

Covers equipment, bee biology
and organization of the hive,
package care and installation,
seasonal management, harvest
and processing honey as well
as winter preparation

Location: VFW Hall in Eagle River

Cost:  $45 per person

Pre-registration is recommended
but not required.
Pre-registration allows you to just
pick up the packet with your
nametag attached and by-pass the line.  

Send a check written to our instructor:
Steve Victors,
7449 S Babcock Blvd
Wasilla, AK 99623

If you have any questions,
call our Secretary,
Donna at 907-892-6175

Jack Anderson's  
Beginning Beekeeping Class

Information on Jack's class
can be found on his website at:

Beekeeping Class $45.00

Class is on Saturday,
March 16th

The class location is:
718 K Street

Bring a lunch or snack to see
you through, it means you can
snack and still ask questions
during a break.

We cover what to do and
not to do in Alaska

Registration at 9:30 a.m.
Class starts at 10:00 a.m.

Jack Anderson
(907) 365-9199

Linda Gorman's
Beginning Beekeeping Class

Join Linda Gorman,
owner of Homer Girls Honey
at the
Center for Alaskan
Coastal Studies 708
Smoky Bay Way in Homer

February 16th, 10 –4

This is a comprehensive
beekeeping class that covers
everything you need to know
to keep bees from spring to
winter, and in between

We will go over the different
types of bees, equipment,
costs, time commitment,
and much more

Bring a snack or lunch

Cost $45 per person
Check or Cash

Contact Linda at:
This year our goal is to teach advanced class topics at each SABA meetinginstead of having a dedicated class.  
Topics include swarm management techniques, 2 queen hive management, bee yard efficiency tips,
harvest and processing information to get you done without spending ages of time at the tasks.

Barbara Bachmeier's  
Beginning Beekeeping Class 2019
Click on image
to expand
As students have
expressed interest
and/or pre-registered, I
will offer classes on
both March 2 and
March 9 (both
Saturdays), from 10:30
a.m. until 4:00 p.m