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Chapter 47. Bees and Beekeeping Equipment

Section 10

AS 03.47.010. Importation.
The importation into the state of bees on bee combs and used beekeeping equipment is prohibited.
Section comb honey for human consumption may be imported into the state.

Section 20

AS 03.47.020. Importation of Bees.
All bees imported into the state shall be accompanied by a health certificate that states that the bees come
from an apiary apparently free of bee diseases and that is signed by an apiary inspector determined to be
qualified by the division.

Section 30

AS 03.47.030. Duties of the Division.
(a) The division shall investigate reported cases of diseased bees and cases of diseased bees

(b) The division shall take action necessary to prevent the spread of bee diseases. Bees or used
beekeeping equipment found to contain the causative organisms of American foulbrood (Bacillus larvae) or
European foulbrood (Streptococcus pluton) shall be immediately quarantined and treated within five days by

(1) chamber fumigation using ethylene oxide or other gases approved by the division;

(2) sterilization by boiling in lyewater for at least 15 minutes; or

(3) destruction of bees, bee combs, and frames by burning followed by burying 18 inches deep.

(c) Notwithstanding (b) of this section, hive boxes, top and bottom boards found to contain the causative
organisms of American foulbrood (Bacillus larvae) or European foulbrood (Streptococcus pluton) may be
salvaged by scorching inside surfaces and edges using a flame to produce a light brown charring of the
wood unless the boxes, top and bottom boards are in poor condition due to weathering, rotting, or ant

(d) A quarantine imposed under this section may not be removed until infected bees and used beekeeping
equipment are destroyed or the division determines through testing that the used beekeeping equipment is
free of the disease.

(e) The division shall adopt regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

Section 35

AS 03.47.035. Penalty.
A person who violates this chapter or a regulation adopted under this chapter is guilty of a class B

Section 40

AS 03.47.040. Definitions.
In this chapter

(1) "bees" means honey-producing insects of the genus Apis and includes the adults, eggs, larvae, pupae,
and other immature stages of the insects;

(2) "division" means the division of agriculture, Department of
Natural Resources;

(3) "used beekeeping equipment" means equipment that has been used to feed or house bees, including
hive boxes, frames, pollen traps, queen excluders, inner covers, supers, tops, bottom boards, slatted racks,
and bee combs, or other wooden or plastic beehive parts that have been in contact with honeybees.

Chapter 35. Bees and Beneficial Insects
Section 10 . General requirements
Section 20 . Duties
Section 30 . Inspections
Section 40 . Prohibited acts
Section 50 . Abandoned apiaries
Section 60 . Definitions
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