Hivetop Feeder Made from a Deep Super
Plastic nut jars (or peanut butter jars) with approximately 30 holes for
feeding on bare foundation, 10-12 holes for feeding on drawn comb.  
(We use a paper clip or equivalent size to melt holes in lid-you can
use a 1/16” drill bit also)
Submitted by:
Ben Johnston
Beekeeper, Palmer
2-3” gap in 3/8” molding around bottom to form an
upper entrance and give air flow to the hive.  Molding
allows for 3/8” bee space
3/8” molding goes around bottom,
except for opening in front for entrance
Holes large/small enough for the plastic jar
lid to sit on top of the plywood- you
don’t want
the lid to sit flush on the frames or the bees
can’t easily get to the holes to feed.
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