SABA Has Loaner Extractors Available for Member Use
(Please make sure your membership is current before requesting an extractor)   

For a li
st of members who volunteer to keep the loaner extractor
in your area refer to the the Meeting Minutes which
are sent out to all SABA members.
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When you use the extractor, please clean it out for the next user.  
You can use a mild soap, but it’s not really necessary.  
Use warm water, but not really hot water.  
Hot water just makes the propolis/wax stickier.  
A pressure washer works really well.  
And please return it promptly as they are hot items this time of year.
(no one at this time)

Eagle River:
Todd & Kris Jedlicki
907-696-3716 or 907-428-7071

Bruce and Linda Berry
907-373-4706h  907-229-4706c

Alex King

Robert and Michelle Forto

Rick and Anna Lantz
907-262-6330   907-398-0997c

Linda Gorman

Extractor Maintenance:
Mike Fry
The hosts for the extractors have been posted in the monthly SABA newsletters.  If you haven't
received a newsletter, it is because your membership in SABA has been expired since membership
goes from September to September.  Send in your membership form and check to Ty Tobias
membership) and you will be added to the membership list.  Once the host receives your information,
you will be able to be in the queue for borrowing the extractor.    
Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association
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