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This taken from SABA Meeting Minutes for November:
Michael Mott had requested assistance for the orphanage in Haiti that had been
damaged in the latest hurricane. Since our club normally supports Heifer International, the group
decided to help the orphanage especially since one of our members will bethere! The money
purchased bee supplies that Michael will personally take down with him on December 3rd.
SABA purchased two bee suits, two smokers, two hive tools, two pairs of gloves, two helmets
and two veils. The club authorized spending $500; we spent only $258.
Good Afternoon Everyone,
George and I had a great trip to the Renmen Orphanage. We arrived home safe and sound after
25 hours of travel Tuesday afternoon. Now that the jet lag has subsided I want thank you all for
your support, prayers, and well wishes.
It was very productive time and most days we worked until our fingers ached. I’ve put together a
brief power point/PDF overviewing the trip and I hope you all enjoy it.
The kids are doing great and it was a joy to see them again.
On a side not, I learned that the translation of Renmen is “love”. That is very cool.
All the best to you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas,
The top bar hives in their permanent location with the parent hive.
The 2 outside top bar hives were assembled from rough cut lumber.
Note, each leg is in a cup filled with used motor oil.
The ants will quickly overcome any weak hive with out them.
Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association
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