Volunteer Contacts for Honeybee Swarm Response
We do not respond to Yellow Jacket swarms, please be sure you are in need of
Honeybee retrieval when you call the beekeepers listed below.

Honeybee -->                                             Yellow Jacket -->

                We are not exterminators, but beekeepers wanting honeybee swarms.  
                If you are in need of extermination please call a qualified exterminator.

Scott Lawrence 441-1116                      

Steve Bailey 351-0512                                

Kenn Barnett 707-7157                                

Susan 748-7767        

Richard Kurtz  907-230-3474  
(in Airport Heights area  in Anchorage)

Barbara Bachmeier

Eagle River/ Chugiak       

Meg Bagetis 207-807-8060

Gary Kosto 688-3550/ 229-2545c

Barbara Bachmeier

Willow/Mat-Su Valley

Robert Forto 841-1686 text or call

Robert Forto 841-1686 text or call

Meg Bagetis 207-807-8060

Leslie Skan 229-2837

Judy Bryan 775-6111


Laurel Flynn 746-2437

Meg Bagetis 207-807-8060

Robert Forto 841-1686

Palmer to Talkeetna

Robert Forto 841-1686 text or call

 Sutton to Willow

Robert Forto 841-1686 text or call

If you are a SABA beekeeper interested in catching swarms this summer please email:

Your help is appreciated!
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