Volunteer Contacts for Honeybee Swarm Response
We do not respond to Yellow Jacket swarms, please be sure you are in need of
Honeybee retrieval when you call the beekeepers listed below.

Honeybee -->                                             Yellow Jacket -->

             We are not exterminators, but beekeepers wanting honeybee swarms.  
             If you are in need of extermination please call a qualified exterminator.

Matt Forester 980-0554

Scott Lawrence 441-1116   

Kathleen Doherty 847-708-4102       
Steve Lukshin 562-4292

Barbara Bachmeier
(no phone number submitted)

Eagle River/ Chugiak       

Kathleen Doherty 847-708-4102

Glacier View

Garry & Beth Wolske 232-1713        

Stacey Buzby 907-232-2657


Wayne Bowman 355-7943

John Damjanovich  218-349-7447

Stacey Buzby 907-232-2657

Soldotna / Kenai

Jacques Kosto  394-1918


Ana Reid  310-908-1834        

If you are a SABA beekeeper interested in catching swarms this summer please email:

Your help is appreciated!
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