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  • 5 deeps w/ drawn comb

  • 2 deep boxes

  • 5 medium boxes
  1 shallow

  • 2  2x4 wintering rims

  • 1 electric hot knife

  • 1 styrofoam wintering sleeve

  • 3 bee helmets and veils--best for kids to play
    beekeeper (free)

  • Grey hive w/ extra components:
   2 aluminum topped telescoping lids
   2 bottom boards (one has a perch)
   2 inner covers
   4 deeps (25 frames w/ drawn comb)
   1 medium with partially drawn comb

   Make an offer on all of the above

There are metal excluders in various conditions and
various boards for bottom boards or covers.

Please PM Donna Victors instead of Tom!  Thank you!
Tom Elliott's Bee Equipment For Sale
Deeps with drawn comb
Click on Pic for
Larger Image
Please do NOT call Tom about this equipment.  Instead contact Steve
and Donna at: 892-6175 or for questions
Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association
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