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      City of Wasilla Regulations for Keeping Bees

FEBRUARY 13, 2018

183. Beehives. The following standards apply:

184 a. Beehives are allowed in all zoning districts as an accessory use;

185 b. Four beehives are allowed per 10,000 square feet of lot area.

186 proration of the number of beehives is allowed for lots with less than a full 187
10,000 square feet of lot area;

188 c. Bee colonies shall be managed in such a manner that the flight path to

189 and from the hive will not bring the bees into contact with people on adjacent

190 lots by utilizing one of the methods described below

191 i. A six-foot high flyway for bees to fly upward vs. toward adjacent lots);

192 or 193 ii. Beehive entrances are oriented away from adjacent lots or are placed

194 behind a solid fence with a minimum height of six feet that extends a 195 minimum
of 10 feet beyond the hive in both directions; or

196 iii. Any other method that accomplishes the purpose above.

197 d. Beehives must be at least 25 feet from any exterior lot line;

198 e. The maximum height for a beehive at ground level is eight feet measured

199 from the base of the beehive, inclusive of any temporary or permanent stand

200 or foundation. Beehives are permitted on rooftops or elevated decks provided

201 that the beehive does not exceed five feet in height above the surface of the

202 rooftop or deck and the rooftop or deck is a minimum of eight feet above

203 ground level;

204 f. Beehives shall not be located in a front yard or side yard that abuts a

205 street;

206 g. If the applicant does not own the property, written proof of the owner’s

207 consent must be submitted with the application; and

208 h. All beekeeping shall comply with applicable laws and regulations.
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